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Mesco Ltd is a private boutique active in capital formation both as a private equity investor and by mining our relationships and track record to access capital sources globally. We also provide advisory services principally related to mergers and acquisitions, disposals, sales, joint ventures, licensing activities, distressed entities and restructurings. Our strategy is to use our experience and apply intense focus and expertise in complex transactions which often involve an international component. Our counterparts are typically ownership, the board of directors and C-level executives. Our integrity and tenacity are reflected in the successful transactions we have achieved.

Since having created Pharma/wHealth in 1993, we have been the prime mover in delivering superior returns to European investors seeking enhanced exposure to the global healthcare universe. This open-end fund trades daily on Luxembourg Stock Exchange and is invested in all aspects of healthcare including biotechnology, pharma, generics, medical technology, healthcare services and an increased focus on companies meeting fast-growing healthcare needs of the emerging markets.

In Mesco's capital formation activities, we have provided value well beyond our capital input, particularly as we have become deeply involved with thinly-staffed, early-stage companies. Our direct investments are typically in conjunction with previous partners, which have included U.S. and foreign banks, wealthy U.S. and foreign families, Venture Capital Firms and Endowment Funds. Our extensive relationships with capital sources globally, together with our expertise in the capital markets have helped construct optimal capital structures.

Mesco was founded in 1990 by Joel Mesznik, who had spent the previous 20 years as an investment banker on Wall Street. His vision remains to provide select clients with high value specialized advice and capital at critical strategic junctures.
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