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Mesco provides value well in excess of actual investment. Our direct investments, typically through single purpose investment vehicles, are in most cases in conjunction with previous partners which have included U.S. and foreign banks, wealthy U.S. and foreign families, Venture Capital Firms and Endowment funds. Our exemplary reputation, extensive relationships with capital sources globally and our understanding of capital markets combined with an established track record have helped construct optimal capital structures for clients and the ability to access capital well in excess of our resources.

As part of our disciplined approach, we direct our focus on a limited number of complex transactions at any one time, which require tenacity and commitment. Our primary function is to add value without attracting attention to our contribution. Investment returns have been enhanced by our ability to remain resolute in critical negotiations and to streamline and facilitate transactions. Mesco's goal is to make transactions efficient, manageable and transparent to our partners and clients. Our long and well recognized track record with partners in the United States and Europe facilitates access to capital globally in combination with our firm's resources.

We have been active primarily in three sectors:
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